Review Policy

I currently review books I receive through NetGalley and Libboo, and books I purchase or borrow from the library.

If you would like me to review your book, message me at:
I will accept books in these formats:

  • hardcopy
  • epub
and in these genres:
  • young adult - contemporary, dystopian, fantasy, and some paranormal (no vampires, please!)
  • contemporary New Adult
  • erotica - no "taboo" please
If the synopsis is one of interest to me, I may also be open to reviewing women's fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, or non-fiction.  I reserve the right to reject unsolicited books or those I feel I won't enjoy reading.

I have a guest reviewer on my blog!  Ailis, my 8 year-old daughter, LOVES to read, and reads well beyond her age.  If you would like her to read and review your book, please email  She will accept books in hardcopy and epub formats as well.

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