Thursday, March 23, 2017

Review: "Until We Break" by Jamie Howard

When Sloane Avery stops to help a stranded driver, she finds more than a broken down car on the side of the road. Luke Evans is faster and sexier than her Maserati, but with her heart still on the mend, she’s not interested in taking him for a test drive. Despite their initial disdain for each other, emotion and passion simmer, complicating their fragile friendship. But when a tragic loss and devastating betrayal send them spiraling, their growing love isn’t enough to save them. That was five years ago, practically a different lifetime and definitely a different Sloane. Before she’s been hardened by booze, sex, and as much distance as she could get from the past. Now, called home on a family emergency, she’s determined to hold onto her heart the next time she sees Luke. Except Sloane’s not the only one who’s changed. Luke’s turned his life around. Only the reappearance of Sloane and the reminder of his biggest mistake can put a dent in his plans. Luke is set on fixing what he’s broken. But with her emotions boiling to the surface, Sloane needs to decide if falling in love is life’s greatest gift or its cruelest joke.
Thank you to St. Martin's Press via Netgalley for the free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion!
When I picked this book up, I was expecting a typical New Adult read, one with mediocre writing, a bad boy hero, a good girl heroine, some instalust/love, and a lot of sex. And sometimes, to be honest, that's all I'm looking for. I am very much a mood reader. Still, the "typical" New Adult read, for me, anyway, is fun while it lasts but forgettable once it's over. They don't often leave a lasting impression. 

There are exceptions to this rule, and I'm happy to say that "Until We Break" was one of them.  The way this book led me to believe it was going one way, and then ended up turning in a completely different direction, kept me fascinated! I really was not expecting to be surprised! And I was, so that is great!  

Let's see, where do I start? Oh how about Luke? Yes, Luke and I did not get off to a great start. To put it mildly, I hated him! He absolutely revolted me, and I did not think there was any way he could be redeemed in my eyes. But, I guess I have more forgiveness in me than I thought, because once I found out why he was such an ass, he started to worm his way into my heart. As for Sloane, she was even more surprising than Luke!!! All innocent and as Mary Sue as they come, she did a complete 180 degree turn part way through the book and my reading experience was forever changed. So yes, if you are like me and enjoy the occasional surprise, you will love what happens here! 

There's quite a bit of angst and drama when Luke and Sloane are reunited after five years apart, and although I didn't love every aspect of how it all went down, I was still rooting for these two to get their happily-ever-after. I'm so happy I gave this new author a chance, and I'm looking forward to diving into any new books by Jamie Howard I can get my hands on!

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