Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Fine Young Gentlemen by C.W. Slater

*CONTENT WARNING: coarse language, sexuality, graphic violence including murder, mature themes. Not for children* 

Go inside the heads of three raunchy, impulsive sixteen-year-old boys at the elite Percy College School—where status-hungry moms blackmail students, and self-absorbed administrators will do anything to protect the school’s reputation. Craig is the popular golden boy struggling to hide a terrible secret. Jacob is an emerging psychopath plotting to eliminate his rivals. Sex-obsessed Matt is desperate to lose his virginity. Dark satirical fun that dares to show what teenage boys really think. The first book of the upcoming series Fine Young Gentlemen.

Please note the content warning. This is not a Young Adult romance.

Wow!  This book is...uh...I don't even know how to categorize it, and that's a good thing!  Maybe I can come up with some adjectives:  unique, twisted, dark, hilarious, crazy, insane, raw, dirty, raunchy (oops, it says that in the description, but really, the word fits!) suspenseful, funny, real (well, maybe not the crime part - at least, I hope not!) and unlike anything I've ever read before!  I'm sure there are other, better words, but I'm not a thesaurus, and I'm kind of running late on this review as it is, so there!

Now as a girl - I suppose technically I'm a "woman", but that word makes me feel so... old! - this very descriptive look inside the minds of teenage boys was just a little unsettling.  C.W. Slater, I don't know who you are, but I have a feeling you're telling it like it really is inside these twisted little boy brains.  Anyway, after all the girly, new adult romance novels I've been reading, "Fine Young Gentlemen" was a refreshing change of pace.  

Characters.  Okay.  Jacob is an asshole!  He's the one I love to hate!!!  He's so demented, it's funny!  The birds, oh my God, the birds!!!  I'm not going to go into detail about the birds, but I was literally snorting in laughter, hoping that I didn't wake the kids so late at night!

Craig.  He may seem all sweetness and light, but he's got an asshole side to him, too.

And Matt.  Matt is also an asshole, but he's more of a dorky, Holden Caulfield kind of asshole.  I like him, but sometimes I just have to cringe at the stupid things he does!

So the take home message from this review?  Guys are assholes!  But we already knew that, hehe!  The real take home message is that if you're up for it, this book is a fantastic read, and C.W. Slater is rocking it as a debut author!

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