Friday, June 13, 2014

Review: "The Opposite of Maybe" by Maddie Dawson

A heartfelt, funny, and all-together human novel about the best mistakes a person can make. Jonathan and Rosie have been together so long they finish each other’s sentences—so when he (finally) proposes and asks her to move across the country with him, everyone is happily surprised. But when things suddenly unravel, Rosie sends Jonathan packing and moves back home with Soapie, the irascible, opinionated grandmother who raised her. Only now she has to figure out how to fire Soapie’s very unsuitable caregiver, a gardener named Tony who lets her drink martinis, smoke, and cheat at Scrabble. It’s a temporary break, of course—until Rosie realizes she’s accidentally pregnant at 44, completely unequipped for motherhood, and worse, may be falling in love with the sentimental, troubled Tony, whose life is even more muddled than hers. It’s not until Rosie learns the truth about her mother’s tragic story that she wonders if sometimes you have to let go of your fears, trusting that the big-hearted, messy life that awaits you may just be the one you were meant to live.
Thank you to Netgalley and Crown Publishing for allowing me to read and review an ARC of this book.

This book was just so cute to read.  Rosie thinks her life is going along just hunky dory, when suddenly, it's just not.  Poor Rosie, she's quite lovable, she's got a big heart, but I also found myself frustrated with her wishy-washiness.  She had a really tough time making any sort of decision and preferred instead to let her live-in boyfriend of 15 years do as he pleased and drag her along with him.  It was pretty easy to see that his tea cup collection meant more to him than his relationship with Rosie.

When Rosie meets Tony, it's definitely not  love at first sight.  I really enjoyed watching their friendship develop and gradually build into something more.  And Tony himself is pretty fabulous - he added some much appreciated swoon and comic relief to the story.  Then there's Rosie's grandmother, Soapie - she's a real hoot!  Most of the people I work with are seniors, so I can definitely understand her outlook on life.

I want to say that "The Opposite of Maybe" was lighthearted, but that wouldn't be accurate, as there are some difficult issues presented.  Maybe "hopeful" is a better descriptor.  Whatever, this book will certainly appeal to lovers of chick-lit.

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