Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mini-Review: "Stoked" by Lark O'Neal

The second, compelling chapter in the Going the Distance series. A novella of 100 pages. He never believed in love at first sight until he fell…. At the beginning of the summer, former Olympic hopeful Tyler Smith was knocked off his feet by Jess Donovan. Smart, beautiful, courageous—and dirt poor—she awakened his desire to be someone better than he is. The two found a rare and rich connection, but in a moment of bad judgment, Tyler nearly broke it all to pieces, forcing Jess to make a decision that would take her far away from him—and maybe build a brilliant new life for herself. Now he has a second chance to win her love…. When Tyler is handed an unexpected opportunity to earn her respect, and maybe his own, he’s ready to give it everything he’s got. Can he shed his demons and become the man she deserves? More urgently, can he do it in time? Because there might be another guy who would like to be Jess’s one and only…and that guy hasn’t spent a life time sabotaging everything good in his life. This novella is the second episode in Jess and Tyler's story. Read about how they met in RANDOM.
I was pretty excited to read "Stoked", as "Random" was one of my Top Ten New Adult Contemporary Reads from one of my Top Ten Tuesday posts.  I really enjoyed getting a look inside Tyler's mind and getting his point of view of some of the events from "Random".  But "Stoked" also carries on the story of Tyler and Jess, even though Jess is now in New Zealand and their relationship is somewhat undefined.  In "Random", I was a little unsure as to Tyler's motivations as far as Jess was concerned - did he really love her, or was he just playing her.  Now, after reading "Stoked", I felt that Jess was being a bit hard on him, and not forgiving enough.  So now I'm conflicted.  But I am definitely "Stoked" to read "Epic"!

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