Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review: "Easy" by Tammara Webber

Rescued by a stranger. Haunted by a secret Sometimes, love isn’t easy… He watched her, but never knew her. Until thanks to a chance encounter, he became her savior… The attraction between them was undeniable. Yet the past he’d worked so hard to overcome, and the future she’d put so much faith in, threatened to tear them apart. Only together could they fight the pain and guilt, face the truth—and find the unexpected power of love. A groundbreaking novel in the New Adult genre, Easy faces one girl's struggle to regain the trust she's lost, find the inner strength to fight back against an attacker, and accept the peace she finds in the arms of a secretive boy.

Although I've read this book before, I wanted to see if my opinion had changed in the last year and a half since I first read it.  For the most part, "Easy" is a really good read, but I'm not sure what exactly is keeping it from being a "great" read or a "fantastic" read for me.  Here's a couple things I did notice that maybe could have been done better:
  • Although Jacqueline is characterized as being this wonderful musician, we are hardly shown that at all.  I think she plays her bass twice in the whole book.  Give me a few more details, please!
  • Lucas is soooooooo good at everything!  He's good at economics, engineering, drawing, martial arts...He's a little too good to be true, so awesome I can't even believe it.  And if there is a guy like that in the world, what's he doing with Jacqueline when he could be with me?  (Husband, if you're reading this, I'm just kidding!)  But really, I could do with a few flaws, even one, just to make him more real.
  • I had a hard time believing the villain's motivation, especially at the end.  I don't want to give anything away, but something happens that seemed just way too far fetched.
So these are just a few of my nitpicky things, but "Easy" is definitely worth a read, especially if you're looking to read something from the New Adult genre.

My rating: 3.5 stars
I really need to get me a graphic with half stars!

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